Month: November 2020

Learn about Trusts

Both trusts are beneficial for their own reasons. A testamentary trust goes into effect only after death and it’s usually created as part of a will.  A living trust goes into effect immediately.  Which one should you pick?  It all depends on what will fit YOUR plans. ...

What about Medicaid?

“If Grandpa goes into a nursing home, will he have to pay out of pocket until resources are drained in order for Medicaid benefits to start?” .It’s true that in order to qualify for Medicaid, a single person can only have $2,000 of total “countable” assets (like...

Family working together

Want to make sure your kids don’t squabble after you’re gone?   Make a plan and get it legally documented.   Let them know who gets what and MAKE IT CLEAR.    Because it takes little time to plan, but it can save a family from falling apart.  .William...


You hear about it, but do you actually understand what probate is? It is a court-supervised process for administering a person’s estate. That sounds okay at first, but here’s where it gets iffy: ❌ Probate makes it PUBLIC. If you go through probate, anybody can access...

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