Are You Worried About A Loved One’s Personal Or Financial Welfare?

Last updated on September 20, 2023

A guardianship in Illinois allows one individual to manage the financial affairs and personal welfare of another person who can no longer competently do so on his or her own. Unlike a power of attorney, which requires the consent of the individual, a guardianship is a Court proceeding that allows concerned relatives to take charge when a loved one begins showing signs of dementia or mental incapacity.

Whether you would like to establish a guardianship for a parent, spouse, a child or a loved one you need immediate assistance to protect your loved one’s affairs. You will need an attorney at your side when you step into the Courtroom. This is not a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. I, lawyer William C. Wombacher, can help you. I am a certified elder law attorney (CELA) through the National Elder Law Foundation and the only practicing CELA in downstate Illinois.

I bring decades of experience and in-depth knowledge to helping your family with all guardianship concerns and proceedings. Contact me at 309-674-8125 for a free consultation.

When To Establish A Guardianship

Many parents will establish guardianships for their special needs children when they turn 18 in order to have legal authority over them as young adults.

Most clients, however, seek to establish guardianship when they are concerned for an aging parent or other elderly relative. If your loved one has not done appropriate powers of attorney, I can help you take the legal steps in Court to establish a guardian of the person or guardian of the estate (which are often the same person, but not always) so you can protect your loved one’s personal welfare and financial affairs.

Keep in mind that if your loved one is competent and is making appropriate financial and self care decisions as determined by the court, he or she can continue to live independently, even if you are a designated power of attorney. Only a guardianship gives an individual the authority to place another person into nursing home or assisted living care.

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I also handle cases of contested guardianship. Perhaps you suspect your loved one’s guardian has been stealing from the estate or mismanaging your relative’s care or property. After reviewing your situation in detail, I can help you explore legal options such as seeking to remove guardianship or suing to recover assets.

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