Month: August 2010

Death and Dying

The Huffington Post had an excellent article on end of life issues. Judith Johnson provides some interesting facts .(1) Eighty percent of Americans do not put their personal affairs in order before they die.(2) In 2009, Medicare paid 55 billion just for doctor and...

Disabled waiting for Medicare

Most people don't know that just because Social Security determines that you are disabled that you do not immediately qualify for Medicare medical benefits. SSI does qualify you for Medicaid medical coverage but not SSDI.  Nearly 2 million disabled Americans who...

Illinois Nursing Home Law Changes

On July 29th the Governor of Illinois signed into law Senate Bill 326, which resulted from strong collaboration between state agencies, members of the Illinois General Assembly, advocates, home and community based service providers, residents and the nursing home...

Why do Estate Planning?

Hi, Ever wonder why Estate planning is important? Below is link to a New York Times article that explores the issue.  I know that wills, powers of attorney, trusts including special needs trusts are not the most exciting topics but without them your life or death...


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