Disabled waiting for Medicare

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Most people don’t know that just because Social Security determines that you are disabled that you do not immediately qualify for Medicare medical benefits. SSI does qualify you for Medicaid medical coverage but not SSDI.  Nearly 2 million disabled Americans who fall into this no man’s land with the first monthly Social Security disability payment (SSDI), for they then must wait two years to become eligible for Medicare. Remember there is a five month waiting period before you receive the first check and so the waiting period is actually 29 months from the date on which Social Security finds you disabled.  The waiting period went into effect in 1972 to keep costs down, avoid overlaps with private insurance and to preserve Medicare for those with severe, long-lasting disabilities. In 2010, nearly 8 million Americans are receiving Social Security disability income (SSDI). About a quarter, 1.8 million, are in the 24-month waiting period. About 12 percent of Social Security disability recipients will not survive the two years to receive Medicare medical coverage. The only thing for the uninsured persons waiting may be COBRA from prior employment or state CHIPS programs if they can afford the premium. Help from O’Bama care won’t arrive to 2014 when they may be purchase insurance through medical exchanges. 
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