3 biggest mistakes- Social Security Disability or SSI

Are you thinking about applying for Social Security Disability or SSI? Don’t make these mistakes.

1. No attorney representation-Stats from SSA show that SSA disability claimants with an attorney have a higher rate of favorable decisions. You will get the best results from an attorney that has extensive experience in handling disability cases. Don’t hire an attorney that lives on the other side of the country. Hire someone who you can visit with at their office.

2. Do not exaggerate your problems! If SSA believes you are not completely truthful they will not believe you when you are truthful. Don’t give them a reason to question your honesty. Also, don’t be embarassed by your problems–start with the top of your head and move down. Describe every medical condition that have as this is about you as a whole person. Especially don’t forget to mention any learning disabilities or mental health problems you are experiencing.

3. Don’t rely on SSA getting all of your medical records! If you believe a record will be important in SSA understanding your current condition get it yourself. The burden is always on you to prove you are disabled. Court cases have found that even if you tell SSA where the record is and they don’t get it –it is your problem. SSA will generally not get older records. Submit them yourself or better yet have your attorney submit them. 



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