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The importance of retirement planning

Retirement isn’t what it used to be. With longer life expectancies, energy-filled senior citizens along with important medical advances, people today must take different approaches to retirement planning. And, of course, they will need enough money to last until they die.

Talking to aging parents about housing options

You and your siblings have dreaded this conversation for months, but now it's time to approach what may be a difficult and perhaps unpleasant discussion with your aging parents. You have concerns about their ability to take care of themselves and live independently. Some changes are in order.

When you need to update your will

You finally did it after years of procrastinating and months of nagging from your spouse. You’ve created a will and now your estate plan is good to go … or so you think. Creating a will is a great start to your estate planning. Even people in their 20s should consider getting one.

3 reasons to consider a special needs trust

A special needs trust is a specific type of trust that is designed to benefit a specific type of beneficiary. These beneficiaries are generally disabled or battling a mental illness. Those who are considering this type of trust for a loved one likely have a number of questions about this legal tool.