Creating a plan for the care of your elderly loved ones

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2023 | Elder Law

It is incredibly difficult to watch a loved one age, eventually reaching a point where he or she is unable to live independently. When this happens, you and other family members may have to step in and provide care, but this is something to discuss and plan for long before it ever becomes a necessity. It may be important for your Illinois family to discuss elder care with your elderly loved ones, as well as others who may be involved with their care and support.

Discussing potential care needs can be a complex and emotionally challenging process. However, like other estate planning matters, discussing potential care needs can provide everyone with clarity and confidence for the future. While it may be an uncomfortable discussion, it is an important one. To ensure a positive meeting, you will find it beneficial to plan and prepare for it ahead of time.

A productive family meeting

The intent of having this meeting is to ensure that your family member has what he or she needs in the future. It is possible that potential needs could change in an instant, and having plans in place can reduce stress during a difficult time. By involving your elderly loved ones in this conversation, you can also provide them with dignity and personal autonomy regarding their possible care needs that may arise in the future. As you prepare for this meeting, the following may be helpful:

  • Invite the appropriate people, including other family members, current care providers, spiritual advisors and others.
  • Make a list of important points to discuss, including possible nursing home options and the completion of estate planning documents.
  • Include your elderly loved ones in the meeting, if possible, even if there are physical challenges.
  • Have the meeting in a private location where you and your loved ones can speak openly without causing embarrassment to your elderly loved one.

After the meeting, you can then take the necessary steps to formalize any agreement you reached. There are documents you can draft and other legal processes to follow to create a complete plan for the care of your elderly loved one. As these matters involve strong emotions, as well as sensitive legal and financial concerns, you may find it helpful to work with an experienced professional who can provide beneficial insight at every step.


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