Qualifying and applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

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When you suffer from a disability, working may prove a significant challenge. Establishing a sufficient income when you cannot walk, see or even speak may not be a possibility for you. Luckily, multiple government programs have the authority to help you by providing benefits that offer income, so that you can accurately care for yourself and your family.

The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program helps millions of elderly adults across the United States gain access to income due to their inability to work because of a disability. It is extremely important for you to take advantage of the program if you qualify, so that you can receive accurate benefits. The application process simply determines your eligibility and puts you in contact with a representative to begin receiving compensation. You are not alone if you suffer from a disability and have limited access to income.

SSI eligibility

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), those eligible for SSI benefits include anyone who is:

1. Aged 65 years or older

2. Blind or disabled: Blindness or disability are classified by:

  • Blindness: According to the SSA, you can be considered blind if:
    • You have 20/200 vision or less with glasses or contacts
    • You have visual field limitations
    • Disability: To be considered disabled, you must:
      • Have a physical or mental impairment
      • That inhibits your ability to work;
      • That may result in death; and
      • That lasts more than 12 months

      3. Provided only limited income:Your income level will need analysis by the SSA and will include:

      • Your paychecks
      • Other benefit sources
      • Free food or shelter

      4. Holding only limited resources: Your resources analyzed will include

      • Money
      • Bank accounts
      • Property
      • Cars
      • Assets
      • Life insurance
      • Anything that has the ability to be converted to cash

      5. A United States’ citizen

      If you are determined to be eligible, you can receive income from SSI benefits. Before filing it may prove wise to contact an experienced Social Security benefits attorney to help you file, so that you can have the best opportunity to receive benefits. Even if the SSA denies your initial application for benefits, you can appeal and work toward receiving your rightful income.


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